Funeral Arrangements

The pastor, staff and parishioners of St. Pius X Parish extend our prayers and sympathy to you at this time of loss. The parish is open to celebrating funeral services for current or former parishioners and for their relatives. The pastor will determine on other requests having no parish connection. The Mass of Christian Burial is the primary service, customarily celebrated in the morning, reflecting the theme of resurrection. Procession to the cemetery and burial usually follows the Mass. An evening Mass of Christian Burial is an acceptable option; in this case, the internment services would be held the following morning. Typically, a funeral is celebrated in the church in the context of the Eucharist. Funerals may also be celebrated in funeral homes, but then there can be no Mass. Funeral arrangements begin with a meeting with the funeral director. Next the parish is contacted, where the pastor will confirm the time for the funeral Mass. Later the parish will contact the family to discuss the details of the Mass of Christian Burial. Please be aware that a funeral cannot be scheduled until the family of the deceased, the pastor and the funeral home have mutually agreed to the arrangements. As a courtesy, the parish offers a luncheon for the family after the funeral.
Please contact the Parish Office at: